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The YouTube (R)evolution Turns 5 (PC World) internet marketing Articles from Moe Tamani, the SEO Services Consultant. PC World – Founded five years ago, YouTube is now a full-fledged grown-up by Internet standards. Its days as an impulsive startup–replete with a cluttered office located between a pizza parlor and a Japanese restaurant–are long gone; and is incredible growth over the past half-decade has changed how we live, play, and do business. Most Commented Posts 6 Reasons You Need SEO Services 8 Tips for Great SEO Friendly Content Promoted to Chief SEO Expert 5 Reasons to Avoid Twitter, and Why You Shouldnt Join 4 Reasons You Need Marketing Help 12 Must-Have SEO Tools With Firefox Extensions 8 Keys to Successful SEO 8 Keys to a Designing Great Website 6 Ways to Screen SEO Professionals 6 Reasons to Avoid the Social Media News Release ... (more)

BlockMaster and CryptoCard offer authentication on-demand over the Internet

United Kingdom, London - March 1st 2010 - BlockMaster (www.blockmastersecurity.com) a leading provider of manageable secure USB devices, today announces that partner, CryptoCard has integrated its BlackShield ID tokens with SafeStick, to provide two-factor authentication as a readily available extension of the SafeStick device and to offer complete protection against identity theft. In addition, SafeConsole's new Publisher feature will provide users with the ability to launch files and integrated applications from technology partners such as CryptoCard on-the-fly over the Internet directly onto the device, dramatically increasing the productivity of USB drives for enterprises and public sector organisations. With a click of a button, administrators at organisations like the NHS who have purchased around 180,000 SafeStick drives are able to launch CryptoCard tokens... (more)

Can we please stop doing this?: Connecting to Facebook

I joined Pinterest this week!  Yes, you can now follow me on the fast-growing, lady-centric, thing-collecting social network under the name JordoPC. That’s not why I’m writing this though.  I’m writing to ask a simple favor of websites and social networks: Can we please stop connecting everything to Facebook? After waiting twelve hours for my invitation (one does not simply sign up for Pinterest) I arrived at the sign in page to find this: I was annoyed to learn you can only sign up if you choose to connect to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, which I have no interest in doing.  On the Facebook front, I don’t want to spam my friends’ newsfeeds or have Pinterest suggest I follow that girl that I haven’t seen in 15  years.  I also don’t want to hand Facebook an easy way to know even more stuff about me.  On the Twitter front, I almost exclusively follow news org... (more)

Those darn kids and their texts — and their not geolocating

Here’s Pew Internet’s bulleted summary of a new survey of teens and their texts: Texting continues to cement its place as the central communications tool of teen social life – the frequency and overall volume of texts are both up since 2009. Voice calling on both mobile phones and (in some circumstances) on landlines is in decline. The heaviest texters are also the heaviest talkers. Teens who text the most are also the most likely to make calls, talk with people face to face outside of school, and use social network sites. One quarter of teens have a smartphone. The oldest teens (ages 16 and 17) are the most likely to report smartphone ownership. Otherwise, there are few demographic differences between smartphone and regular cell phone owners. Smartphone owners are more likely than regular phone owners to: use tablets to go online; use a location-based service ... (more)

Israeli company develops world’s first secure private mobile carrier

Mobile and internet phone carriers have been leaving users open to major security threats with no protection at all, a danger one security firm has solved by offering organizations the ability to host their own completely encrypted, virtual mobile carrier network. Israel - June 11th 2012 New revelations about abuses by social networks and search giants are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to security threats today. Not only are these organizations allegedly capturing emails, passwords, text messages, and facial recognition data, but some have also the ability to remotely monitor cell phones and activate webcams. At the same time hacking, corporate espionage, kidnapping and extortion are on the increase. Governments, militaries, secret agencies and corporations all need to be employing higher grade voice and data protection for their agents and executives, ... (more)

What's New in HTML5

Would it be useful for you to have the latest data on HTML5 and enterprise mobility?  If so, please take the following short survey and get the complete report free! Now for the news... In a recent interview, IBM’s Bob Sutor listed the progress HTML5 has been making including support from major mobile vendors, active standardization efforts, and a growing ecosystem of third-party tools that has been fueling recent success and adoption of HTML5.” Read Original Content Content optimization system Inbound Writer has announced the availability of a new release, rewritten entirely in HTML5 and available for Apple’s iPad and other smartphones and tablets with compliant browsers. Read Original Content   The number of the top 100 websites using HTML5 storage has doubled in the last year, from 17 in 2011 to 34 currently in 2012. The number using Flash has dropped from 37 t... (more)

Alaric Launches A Unique “On Premises” Solution for Optimal CNP Fraud Prevention

Global fraud prevention and payments company, Alaric International (www.alaric.com), has announced the launch of its "on-premises" Fractals Fraud Integration Hub (FIH). Primarily targeted at Online Merchants and Payment Service Providers, FIH enables such organisations to take a best-of-breed approach to detecting and preventing Card Not Present fraud. FIH enables clients to write fraud detection rules and to use intelligent fraud detection models which span data from both clients' internal systems and from specialist third party SaaS data providers for key fraud indicators such as device identification/reputation, IP geo-location, mobile location and address verification. FIH is the only system to adopt this "on-premises" approach. It incorporates Alaric's renowned Message Mapper product which greatly simplifies the process of integrating FIH with clients' internal... (more)

Home Care Franchises Support the Evolving Needs of Seniors

Home care service franchises are a great way for business owners to help people maintain their independence during retirement in the midst of a growing market,­ due to evolving social expectations.  As society’s expectations for retirement lifestyles continue to change, there is a growing demand for reliable home care services.  The baby boomer generation in particular is searching for new ways to remain at home throughout their golden years.  Many seniors are dealing with altered retirement plans due to the recent decline in the economy and are forced to reassess their financial decisions and do new research when it comes to planning the next phase of their life.   Meeting the Home Care Demand To support this demand, ComForcare offers home care franchise opportunities for interested entrepreneurs looking to make a difference for the senior community in their are... (more)

Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly – Week of March 3, 2013

Welcome to Enterprise Mobility Asia News Weekly, an online newsletter that consists of the most interesting news and articles related to enterprise mobility in Asia.  Asia is predicted to be the fastest area of growth for enterprise mobility between now and 2016. Also read Field Mobility News Weekly Also read Kevin Benedict’s What’s New in HTML5 Also read M2M News Weekly Also read Mobile Commerce News Weekly Also read Mobile Health News Weekly Also read Mobility News Weekly Also read SMAC News Weekly E-commerce and the development of mobile Internet are growing and improving in China.  Retailers are finding success through a stronger focus on mobile commerce as consumers are becoming more likely to participate in mobile commerce as they gain access to better Internet connections.  Read Original Content The New Zealand government will allocate the digital dividend radio spec... (more)

Des Plaines Seniors Receive Individualized Alzheimer’s Care in the Comfort of Home

ComForcare Park Ridge offers Des Plaines residents reliable Alzheimer’s care management at home. Des Plaines, IL 2013 – ComForcare offers experienced, compassionate, and individualized home care services for seniors who are afflicted by dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  In America, the number of seniors who are battling the disease and other forms of dementia is continuing to rise, and ComForcare Park Ridge provides Des Plaines seniors the assistance they need to continue to live comfortably at home rather than having to transfer to a nursing center. “At ComForcare, we help preserve the quality of life for an individual with Alzheimer’s by providing respectful and dignified home care that centers on the specific needs of each client,” shares ComForcare Park Ridge President, Mickey Sons. Dementia can diminish the ability to understand, reason, and communicate, and ... (more)

Visual Studio Project Sample Loading Error: Assembly could not be loaded and will be ignored. Could not load file or assembly or one of its dependencies. Operation is not supported. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131515)

Some folks have mentioned to me that they are having trouble getting some of my samples to work.  And in fact, just the other day, I ran into a problem getting my own samples to work.  It turns out to be a problem with the way windows treats the sample that you down load. Specifically, because you downloaded the sample from the internet, windows treats the sample as “untrusted” content.  When you unzip untrusted content you get a directory full of untrusted content.  Visual Studio is not so good and running untrusted content.  Unfortunately, you get some really bad error messages like the one above. Here is the error message from VB Warning    1    Assembly 'C:\Users\brada\Desktop\MyApp.VB\MyApp.VB.Web\bin\MyApp.VB.Web.dll' could not be loaded and will be ignored. Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Users\brada\Desktop\MyApp.VB\MyApp.VB.Web\bin... (more)